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This is a test 🪞 Kat Giordano

hello hello. testing testing.

this is me writing a post so that when you land on the page it doesn't look like actual trash. and i thought, hey, why not do a diary post, that's very In The Spirit. plus, how could i call it VANITY if i wasn't the first person to be featured?!

i'm sitting here in my pajamas, still, at almost 3:30, because i have a package coming that i want to open before i shower and get dressed. thinking about how everyone is going to be comparing this site to philosophical idiot (bless her soul and may she rest in peace), and i'm hoping that it measures up but also that it stands alone as its own thing. i hope i get a better job soon. i hope we move out of this house soon. i hope i can manage to order something tasty for dinner without my boyfriend's mother being overly concerned about what i'm eating or the fact that i am dressed like crap today.

too vulnerable! too self conscious! abort, abort! you want them to like you and read your site goddammit!

if you're reading this because i'm posting your writing soon and you want to see if it's up, thank you for submitting and taking a chance on this little baby. literally cannot do this without receiving good writing in my inbox.

where the hell is that package?




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