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The First Virgin on the Moon 🪞 Nathaniel Duggan

When it snows I snowplow.

This may seem obvious at first

but it is the harsh crystallization

of a retail shift tomorrow

and an online lover I lost.

When it snows I snowplow

and I feel like the Mars Rover

in all that blankness,

navigating a white planet,

pearl desert, my last transmission

chirped to no one’s ears,

my last girlfriend named Sarah—

send me to space

please, where I can be

the first virgin on the moon,

to where it does not snow.

🌨️ Nathaniel Duggan is a writer from Maine. His work has appeared previously in Hobart, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine, and Gay Death Trance, among others. He can be found on Twitter @asdkfjasdlfjd.


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