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Small Victory 🪞 Mick Theebs

I once sold weed

to a man who called himself

Uncle Bob.

He was a craggy faced

day laborer

with a bum foot

necrotic with diabetes

I went to his house

to drop off a bag

and saw he had

pinned to his wall

a confederate flag.

What the fuck is that?

I asked him

What the fuck is that

flag doing up there?

He mumbled something

about liking the south

even though we were

in Connecticut.

You oughta take that

fucking thing down,

I told him

I ain’t gonna come back here

if I see that fucking thing again.

Wouldn’t you know it

the next time I sold him a bag

the flag was gone.

🏁 Mick Theebs was once the Poet Laureate of Milford, CT. In addition to poetry, Mick also writes fiction, satire, and even some non-fiction. More poems can be found in his book Somnambulist and on his website


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