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grwm to go to the witches sabbat🪞Hannah Lamb-Vines

the goblin who hangs out at the village well

keeps asking for my instagram

i’m like, haha, no, close friends only

and he’s like, what, we can’t be friends?

i’m like, haha, why do you need my instagram

when we see each other here every day?

he’s like, i’m a good guy, you don’t have to worry.

he’s like, come on, let’s go to thee tavern.

i’m like, haha, i have plans, and he’s like, where?

i say, haha, i don’t know, my friends are deciding

and he says it again:

why can’t we be friends?

he looks down at me when he says it, from across the village well

like when the fairy queen isn’t watching, he’ll gobble me up

🧌 Hannah Lamb-Vines prays for a free Palestine from Berkeley, California. Find them on Instagram @embarrassed4evr.

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