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goblins on the souls of her shoes🪞Hannah Lamb-Vines

i'm turning 32 but the years run together

takes effort to remember my age


i thought i'd cast a spell to keep the goblin away

but he's back, side-eyeing me from behind the staircase


do you know the words humble and human are related?

they both sprouted from the root dhghem-


notes for a village sonnet:

when sleeping beauty's parents outlawed spinning wheels

what happened to the kingdom's textile industry?

like, the economy would have been rocked, right?

imagine the price of the black market thread

now that's a fairy who knows how to land a curse




i'm doing that thing again,

where i open up instagram

find a profile of someone from high school

scroll through their followers list and see who i can remember


dhgem- as in earth

humble human, earthly earthling


i resolve to be a better composter

skinning squash and scooping seeds


in my life i've been so many things:

actor, alcoholic, academic, astrologic

christian, gifted and talented, texan

new yorker, poor, less poor, out west

college student, grad student, child

somethings else, you fill in the blank


i couldn't find the goblin who lived across the park

i couldn't even remember his name

but the ceramicist follows the moralizing baptist preacher

who went around to all our schools and gave speeches about abstinence

in his profile picture he's looking up at you like you're god

like he's a disgusting little goblin bug you could squash

with just one step

🧌 Hannah Lamb-Vines prays for a free Palestine from Berkeley, California. Find them on Instagram @embarrassed4evr.


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