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genuine human emotion🪞 Tyler Engström

I can’t tell anymore if what I’m feeling is what I’m feeling or something I read in a book or saw on tv and am thinking about.

This is my emotion! Or, it is an emotion a lot like an emotion I know of and I am mimicking it very well.

The doctor did warn me that these pills may have some side effects including loss of appetite, hair loss, loss of sexual ability, weight loss, weight gain, loss of emotional output range, loss of the ability not to get mouth sores. But at least I am medicated, which means the problem is solved.

The sun moves and glares off an office building, all glass, three blocks away, so I move too but it keeps moving so I keep moving and I find myself with nowhere to go where the glare isn’t blinding.

I’m convincing myself that it’s the sun that’s moving and not the earth but if I stand here long enough both will pass me by.

I am weightless.

They stopped making pennies and instead of being so rare and worth so much, they simply stopped being worth anything at all.

It feels good to be happy like this, I think.

💊 Tyler Engström's first full-length collection of poetry, Think of How Old We Could Get, is forthcoming from Frontenac House in Fall 2021. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, and if you live there you're a cowboy, so he's a cowboy. Yeehaw.


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