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Feeling adulthood's sequence of tasks 🪞 Tom Snarsky

Feeling adulthood’s sequence of tasks

heaven, no that doesn’t mean get heavy

at all, nevermind——feeling it split

dailiness into two moments, one of looking

at your phone & the other of heaving

a great big deeply silly brain-homunculus sigh

——it’s like being in a garden, big as Versailles

with one little 75¢ seed packet of wildflowers

in your pocket. The garden supply

is closed & not within walking distance anyway

so even your brief fantasia on the idea

of bricking the window to steal one of the least

expensive goods they sell is sad-tinged. 2nite

you will put on the bright harness of evening

& maybe leave

without telling anyone, at least in your head

where there’s a party & people to cry to.

A whole silvering ocean of names:

A, B, C, ... Z, AA, AB, & the silhouette

of a seagull you saw on the shower wall

after you halfheartedly suctioned the water-

proof radio to it, the one you never use.


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