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Broke off a piece of your terrible secret 🪞 Kendall A. Bell

left it on a window sill in the kitchen—

stared at the sliver of dark while i

made coffee, while my eyes swelled and

leaked saline. morning brought sun, the

lie glossing over the crispness in the air,

while you steal all of the hot water, the

steam lifting your blame into air ducts,

into the spiderwebbed corners of the ceiling.

goosebumped, i am picking lint from my shirt—

another morning filled with want, this open

wound that never heals.

🚿 Kendall A. Bell's poetry has been most recently published in Fevers Of The Mind and Ghost City Review. He was nominated for Sundress Publications' Best of the Net collection seven times. He is the author of three full length collections, "The Roads Don't Love You" (2018), "the forced hush of quiet" (2019) and, "the shallows" (2022), and 34 chapbooks, the latest being "all the things that will be lost". He is the publisher/editor of Maverick Duck Press and editor and founder of Chantarelle's Notebook. His chapbooks are available through Maverick Duck Press. He lives in Southern New Jersey.


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